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Valentina Eyres
for Wayzata School Board


Hi. My name is Valentina Eyres, and I'm running for Wayzata School Board.  My husband Don and I are long time Wayzata School District residents and the proud parents of three kids. 


As a parent, my priority is helping our kids grow into happy, well rounded adults, who can take care of themselves and contribute to the world around them.  A great education is the foundation of that development. 

That's why we chose Wayzata Schools.  We're fortunate that Wayzata is consistently among the top in average test scores.  But excellence in education is more than good averages.  We have almost 12,000 kids in this district, all with different backgrounds, intellect, home lives and learning styles.  It's imperative that we keep a strong focus on core academics for all kids, prioritizing math, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, so each and every child can be the best that he or she can be.

Valentina for Wayzata School Board

Why Vote for Valentina

I am myself an example of a minority kid from a broken home whose education raised me out of poverty. That’s why I value teachers and became one. I have three children enrolled in the Wayzata school district and nothing is more important to me than their education and well-being.  As a school board member I will work tirelessly to:

  1. Improve math and reading achievement. One out of four of all Wayzata district students is not reading or does not do math at grade level.

  2. Ensure that students are treated as individuals, not as members of a group; and that we have respect for the views of all students.

  3. Raise the importance of parents’ voices in curriculum decisions and responsiveness to their concerns.

  4. Support a safe classroom environment that is conducive to learning and respectful of the teacher and all students. 

  5. Support the value of our community by continuing to develop the effectiveness and reputation of Wayzata Schools.

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